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Words from the Wardens

Words from the Wardens.Firstly, the purchase of our building has been finalised and the little Chapel will now be known as the Church of Christ the Good Shepherd.We have written to Bishop Robert asking if he would visit our area during his tour of Southwest France next year, so that we can hold a special Consecration Service.A group of volunteers are going in on the 4th of December to give an initial good clean of the building and dispose of the bits and pieces left behind by the previous owner.We will then require two people who would be willing to go in once a month to give the Church a once over.We also need two people to act as Local Wardens. Also, there is the need to prepare the floral arrangements for the opening services and the ongoing services in the new Church. Again if you have the gift of flower arranging and would like to offer it or any of the required posts to the Chaplaincy Please contact: Carolyn - or Wanda – Christmas services for December are: Times may change.5th December: Courcelles, - Champagne Mouton- St Leger. 10:30 am12th December: Cognac, Ecumenical Carols 3:00 pm and Zoom 10:30 am14th December Courcelles. Ecumenical Carol Service (time to be agreed)19th December: Opening service. 11:00am24th December: Chef Boutonne. 9 Lessons and Carols. 4pm25th December: Courcelles and Champagne Mouton, 10:30 am26th December: Chef Boutonne 10: 30am and Zoom 3:30 pm.As you can see the opening service of our new Church is going to be on the 19th of December where we will be holding a special Advent Communion Service. Full details have not yet been confirmed but the initial thinking is that it will begin at 11:00 am. We would ask the Local Maire and his colleague together with the local Catholic Priest. We are organising a restaurant meal for after the service if anyone would like to join us. We are going to start a Chaplaincy choir for special occasions and Simon Freeman has agreed to be our Choir Master and Musical Director. So hopefully we will be able to rehearse an advent Anthem for the opening service. Further occasions would be Good Friday, Easter, Advent, Christmas and possibly weddings.If anyone who loves singing would like to join us, please contact: Carolyn - or Wanda – was all discussed at our Council Meeting on the 22nd of November.At this meeting the need for more keyboard players was raised, so if anyone can play keyboard and would like to play at the services in the Chaplaincy again contact:Carolyn - or Wanda – and Carolyn attended a Live Streaming workshop and are looking into the different ways we can live Stream our services.So, to recap: if anyone can offer their services as Local wardens for the new Church in Chef Boutonne or volunteer to go in once a month to give it a clean.If anyone would like to join our new Chaplaincy choir to sing on special occasions.Or if there is anyone who can play the keyboard and offer their wonderful gift to the Chaplaincy.Please contact:Carolyn - or Wanda –, As December marks the end of the financial year in France you might like to consider the benefits from paying your monthly giving through the HelloAsso page on our website. It is quick to set up, informs you how much tax relief you get on your donation and administration is easier than for giving via the envelope scheme. Help and guidance can be given to anyone who is unsure about it. Again, contact the wardens Carolyn - or Wanda – our Treasurer: Valerie on - office.goodshepherd@sfr.frWe now begin a very exciting time in our Chaplaincy’s Life. Let us go forward together and revive and revitalise our Chaplaincy and bring more people into God’s Kingdom here in Poitou Charentes.Thank you all and may God bless you.Carolyn and Wanda.

Opening service and meal details

Words from the Wardens The nineteenth of December was a very special day. It was the day when our first service was held in our new Church, The Church of Christ the Good Shepherd. A group of us had spent a few weeks getting ready for the big day and the church looked gorgeous. The Church was full, and the ministers both lay and Priestly led in procession to the altar. The new Chaplaincy choir sang beautifully, and the service was very special to everyone who was there. A few photographs for you are added. Our next Communion service in the new Church of Christ the Good Shepherd will be held on the 23rd of January at 11:00 am. (Please note the later time of starting). We also thought you might be interested to know that Nicky drew the raffle at the restaurant after the meal and the winner was Margaret Mace. Many thanks to Stevie Sheldon for donating the prize – Christmas cake and pudding – and for organising the raffle which raised 136€. The sale of Christmas items donated by Margaret and others after the service raised 40€. A huge thank you to everyone who supported these efforts and donated to the collection on 19th. Meal at the Restaurant des Canards, 1 Route de Niort 79110 Chef-Boutonne : 28 of us went to the Restaurant des Canards for lunch after the service and all agreed it was excellent – delicious food, lovely surroundings and a convivial atmosphere. Consequently, we have arranged for lunch there again after the Communion service on 23rd January. The options are traditional Sunday roast and pudding at 12,50€ or a two-course menu with choice at 14,00€. (Please note drinks are not included.) Sara has varied the main course options for the latter – roast leg of duck, pork fillet with prune and apple in a cream sauce, cod on a dill sauce or veggie Wellington. There will be a choice of 2 desserts or cheese. Please let Wanda know by 10pm on WEDNESDAY 19th JAN if you would like to reserve a place and state which option(s) you would like to order. Please REMEMBER your PASS SANITAIRE for the restaurant - it will be checked. We very much look forward to welcoming you to the service on 23rd. Details of future services and other activities will be advertised in Jubilate and on the website in the coming weeks. Blessings to you all. Carolyn and Wanda
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