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No matter where we are on our faith journey, fellowship is an important part of our Christian faith. Coming together to support one another is an experience that allows us to learn, gain strength and enjoy the encouragement and support of fellow believers. In coming together in fellowship, we share our giftings, insights into God’s Word, share our concerns and blessings. We also have the opportunity to worship and pray together. At present, there are two house group meetings in our Chaplaincy. One meets weekly on Zoom. The reason for this is the membership is too wide geographically to make a physical meeting realistically possible. The other one meets fortnightly in person in the homes of its members. We are always delighted to have new friends join us.

Day Time Host Contact
Home GroupsSummer Break
Summer Break
Assistant Chaplain:Vacant
Church Wardens: Wanda Mckerchar and Andrew Chambers

Tel: 06 21 32 31 28

Registered Office (for postal deliveries)
16 Avenue de l'Hotel de Ville, 79110, Chef Boutonne.
Tel: 06 21 32 31 28